Patch Notes 2023-05-26

A server restart was completed at 1:24 PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:


  • Resolved issue with Scroll Pickers auto-selecting Alchemy when right-clicked to close the gump
  • Leashed/Shrunken pet tooltips have been downsized to resolve an issue with clients desyncing, forcing players to log out/back in. We may continue to tweak what is available in the tooltip as long as it does not have a detrimental effect.
  • Cooking and cartography items should now craft “exceptional” to be able to fulfill BODs
    • Thank you to Shazzy for these fixes!
  • Added null checks to Mannequins to resolve a crashing issue with comparing items to non-items (such as mis-clicking on the ground)
  • Tram Despise Creatures can no longer be shrunken with pet leashes
    • Thank you to Marco for the heads up on this issue
  • Spellbooks (while claiming to be 0 weight) were actually 3.0 stones in the code, so they have been properly updated to correct them to 0. Existing spellbooks will be corrected as well.
    • Thank you to Eleos for the fix on this one!
  • Tree Stumps should properly show the remaining Logs
    • Thank you to Eleos for the fix on this one as well!


  • Revised harvest resource code to more accurately distribute bonus resources
  • 110+ harvesting skill (mining, lumberjacking, fishing) will have a second chance to roll a bonus resource. 120+ harvesting skill will roll a third time!
    • Thank you to Pevil for starting the discussion and the 360+ comments from the community with feedback on these changes! Keep up the great feedback and we’ll continue to tweak if necessary. I’ll also post the exact numbers for everyone to see in case you missed the sample runs in the general chat!
  • Mirror Images now follow you much more closely and “keep up” with you as you run!
    • Thank you to Avernal for the suggestion!
  • Shadow Jump can now be performed near housing/housing regions since there is no PvP restrictions to worry about
    • Thank you to Avernal for the suggestion!
  • Updated admin tools to allow staff to better support the players
  • Lifespans on items now display as Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds instead of just large seconds!
    • Thank you to The Return of Miral for the suggestion!
  • Animal Lore gump is now instantaneous instead of on a 1 second delay (technically, it’s 1ms, but I’m pretty sure everyone’s ping is higher than that!)
  • The Discordance animation has been changed from sparkles to a sparkly ring to help players better see which creatures are discorded (versus healing or something similar to the old effect)
    • Thank you to Mr Riots for the inspiration on this one!


  • Added 120 Scroll Pickers as potential loot on Ramrod champion
  • Holy Light has now been give a range boost based on the player’s karma.
    • Every 10k of positive karma will extend the range 1 additional tile from the original base of 3 tiles.
    • Negative karma will NOT shorten the range to less than 3.
    • An effect has been added to all targets hit by the Holy Light spell to better distinguish the range
  • Upgraded Doom arties and Shadowguard arties have now been added to the CUB points system for 6500 and 6000 points, respectively.

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