Patch Notes 2023-06-09

A server restart was completed at 2:57 PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:


  • Fixed bug with Imbuing Last Item that allowed overcap properties
  • Scholar’s Halo now properly converts to gargoyle glasses (and back) at the Exalted Artificer
  • Rampage is no longer blocked by Horrific Beast form
  • Word of Death was changed from: < [% threshold] to: <= [% threshold] for the larger damage amount so it will properly trigger at 30% (with arcane focus) instead of less than 30%
  • Gargoyles can now properly equip the Virtue Shield
  • Changed code in Treasure Maps that could result in a server crash when guardians do not spawn correctly
  • Changed code in Davy Jones that could result in a server crash when Eels spawn as Davy dies
  • Corpse Summoner should now better display list of corpses (with most recent corpse at the top) and hide corpses that you’ve already self-looted
  • Fixed major issues with Mannequins that could have resulted in lost equipment or a server crash when comparing items


  • Increased drop rates of Compassion Sage on Golem Controllers
  • Added new items to Resource Boxes
    • Miner’s: Sand, Ethereal Sand, Small Piece of Blackrock
    • Stygian: Void Orb, Void Core, Void Essence
    • Tailor: Tainted Wool
  • Added High Plains Boura and Polar Bear to Killboard for Huntmaster Challenges
  • Increased Insanity Tokens dropped by Cora from 20 to 50
  • Changed hue of pet leashes to make them more visible in your pack
  • Greymist Armor changed to hue 1176 when fully equipped
  • Added additional colors for Enormous Venus Fly Trap trash containers
  • Added hue 0 to parrot colors
  • Added more IDs to the shrink table for pets
  • Backend changes to allow staff to better support players
  • Players can now see the world save message (and how long it took) instead of just seeing “The world will save in 10 seconds.” message


  • ENT’s now have a rare (1%) chance to drop Miracle Grow, which saves gardener’s a TON of time!
  • New command to view recipe list that displays learned vs unlearned recipe, accessed via [recipelist
  • New Recipe Book available as a BOD reward (for all BOD types) that can store all recipes (including new Doom ones). Filters were also added to display Learned vs Unlearned recipes to allow you to better determine which recipes you’ve used

Recipe List Command

A new [recipelist command was added to allow you to view all the crafting recipes (by skill) and ones you’ve learned are highlighted in green. Just a nice, quick, easy way to see what you know!

Recipe Book

The recipe book will show all recipes and allow you to set prices and store/drop them. They are available as BOD rewards (1,000 points) from any of the crafting skills.

You can also filter to specific crafting skills, ones you’ve Learned (Yes/No/All), and/or ones you own/don’t have:

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