Patch Notes 2023-06-28

A server restart was completed at 6:25 PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:


  • Recipe Books have been fixed and will be going back up as BOD rewards at the next patch (likely July 4th)
  • Corrected Plant Pigment hues for Ice Black and Metal
    • Special thanks to Hammerhand for the correct hues
  • Adjusted Frost Cannonballs damage from 30-50 to 5,000 and increased the spread on Grapeshot
  • Trammel Despise creatures no longer make animal noises incessantly as well as minor fixes to following distance and line of sight to correct glitchiness
  • Fixed issue with Eels causing crashes with Osiredon (previously fixed for Davy Jones)


  • Removed teleporting commands ( [runelibrary, [safespace, etc ) from Trammel Despise to prevent issues with Call to Arms
  • Lowered crafting skill required for Natural Dyes from 115 to 100 Cooking
  • Recalling, Gating, and Marking are now able to be done at the Sea Market
  • Pet bonding potions are now stackable
  • Balanced Weapons no longer fail the parry check automatically and are treated the same as any other weapon


  • Added Britches of Warding to Exalted Artificer for conversion
  • Added new attribute to allow dyeing items that wouldn’t normally be allowed to dye (force override)
  • Green Thorns and Red Leaves added to ML Storage Box
  • Crafter name can now be put on exceptionally crafted food
  • Plant seeds can now be gathered with a single click
  • Added new hues for parrots
  • Blackrock Moonstone added to smithy BOD rewards (1,000 points)

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