Patch Notes 2023-07-04

A server restart was completed at 9:20 AM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:


  • Seared Fire Ant Goo no longer stacks since it is a quest item
  • Egg Bombs now required only 1 sack of flour
  • Reptile Slayer will now properly roll randomly on certain artifacts
  • Fixes for Runic Atlases staying open and errors when dropping runes in/on them
  • Scrapper’s Compendium can now properly be crafted with up to 3 properties and is now also affected by Guaranteed Spellbook Improvement Talisman
  • Fixed an issue when stacking exceptional vs non-exceptional food and player-crafted vs vendor-bought food
  • Barkeepers now properly sell food
  • Recipe Books re-added to BOD rewards after fix
  • Added fix to Galleons to prevent crash on deletion
  • Osiredon, Corgul, and Charybdis now properly drop recipe scrolls (2 different ones per boss at 25% chance)


  • Rarer unicorns (Uncommon and above) can now Anger on Tame as they are rarer pets and should be a bit more difficult to tame
    • Note: This will hold true for all future rarity pets as well, with the exception of Elemental Steeds
  • Serpent Arrow calculations have been “fixed” but also overhauled as follows:
    • Calculation: Poison Level = ( (Poisoning Skill * 2 + Archery Skill + Dexterity – DistancePenalty) / 100 )
    • Distance Penalty: Each tile beyond 3 tiles is a 10.0 point penalty
    • Example: 120 Poison, 120 Archery, 150 Dex, and 10 tiles away yields Level = ( 120 * 2 + 120 + 150 – (10-3)*10 ) = 440 / 100 = 4 (rounded down) = Deadly Poison
    • This now means ALL levels of poison are possible!


  • Vendor Search improvements
    • Items can now be purchased directly from the search list! There is a 10% convenience fee (gold sink, does not go to seller)
    • You can now teleport directly to the vendor if you wish to avoid the fee without first acquiring a map and paying a fee
    • Pets on vendors can now be “lored” simply by clicking on the image button! Look at everything you want to know about the pet before you purchase it!
    • NOTE: There is a new context-menu entry for “Lore & Knowledge” on every shrunken/leashed pet to also view the Animal Lore gump without un-leashing the pet.
  • A ton of new content went in for July 4th events as well as other upcoming events so check back for more posts with details
  • Navrey now drops Insanity Tokens

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