Patch Notes 2023-07-17

A server restart was completed at 3:20 PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:


  • Added checks to prevent another crashing issue with treasure maps when they spawn on tiny islands or congested areas
  • Fixed Ossein Ram AI to properly cast necromancy spells
    • Thanks to Curby for this fix!
  • Scrapper’s Compendium should now properly roll additional attributes and properly account for Guaranteed Improvement talisman
    • Thanks to Eleos for this fix!


  • Added Decorative Carpets and cloth (bolts/cut cloth/etc) as dyeable items to the special Luna dye tubs
    • Thanks to Eleos & Eora for the suggestions
  • Tweaked Spell Damage Increase calculations to take SDI into account in more situations and expanded the bonus % at GM+ to handle 110 and 120 skill levels
    • Remains 10% at GM, now 11% at 110 and 12% at 120
    • Further minor tweaks to follow as necessary
  • Lord British has concluded his scouting incursions into other towns and the Freedom Eagles have returned to their nests.


  • Treasures of Haochi have been released! See separate post for details!
  • Rugged Ostards have been found wandering the lands! See below for details!
  • 6-month Anniversary content
    • Daily login rewards starting today and continuing for 6 days! Make sure you login each day to get your reward!
    • 3 new Insanity Token items available on the vendor, making it 6 total, for 6-months of IUO! We’ll continue to add 1 item per month for the foreseeable future!
    • New Insanity Token Trader vendor! Inara will have a rotating supply of special equipment and decorations available for 1-2 weeks at a time. Stay tuned in Discord and on the website to see and hear the new items she’s collected in her travels! Prices will vary as will the items so get them while she still has them!
    • We’ll be kicking off a larger story arc in the coming weeks that will lead us through the end of summer, into fall, and towards the 1-year mark! New quests, new creatures, new gear, and much more!

Rugged Ostards

A stronger Rugged Ostard has been found wandering the lands! After much coaxing, Tara the Insane Tamer has tamed these creatures and found them as strong as swamp dragons and suitable enough for barding armor! Blacksmith’s will now be able to create Ostard Barding Deeds to fit their…peculiar…body shape. Just like swamp dragons, the barding deeds can be crafted in all flavors of ingots with the same bonus attributes for certain ingot resource types. So go catch one today!

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