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Custom Mounts

Purple Llama

Introducing the infamous…purple llamas! And what better way to summon this new “mount” then casting Energy Vortex and targeting yourself! As such, this will be a mage-only mount, but unlike normal EVs, it won’t disappear until you dismount (or get dismounted). It will take 1 follower control slot as well (so you can still have 2 “normal” EVs). Mages everywhere, REJOICE!

Kodiak Bears

Kodiak Bears are much fiercer and stronger than normal brown and black bears! Similar in stats to a lesser hiryu, these new rideable bears pack quite the punch with their Charge ability! They’re trainable 1 => 5 slots and will retain Grasping Claw and Bleed Attack when tamed. These bears are NOT part of the pet rarity system but can be found roaming the forests of Britannia. These bears require taming to control and ride.


Triceratops are now a rideable mount! Old (non-rideable) ones are now considered server rares as they will no longer spawn. They are also now part of the pet rarity system! Each tier has a special hue and has an increased chance at having healing instead of the original 16.5% chance for all! All tiers will be 3 => 5 slots for training. Triceratops are still a tamers pet that require high levels for riding and control. See the Triceratops page for more information.

Rugged Ostards

A stronger bird, the Rugged Ostard has been found wandering the lands! After much coaxing, Tara the Insane Tamer has tamed these creatures and found them as strong as swamp dragons and suitable enough for barding armor! Blacksmiths will now be able to create Ostard Barding Deeds to fit their…peculiar…body shape. Just like swamp dragons, the barding deeds can be crafted in all flavors of ingots with the same bonus attributes for certain ingot resource types. So go catch one today!


Tigers of all colours are now rideable! These are otherwise the same as OSI tigers so they are a tamer pet only.

Season of the Witch Ossein Ram

During Season of the Witch it’s possible on the witches side to dismount an enemy and tame its ram for your own! These ossein rams start at 1 slot and are mountable. They are tamer only pets.


During Season of the Witch if you go to the witchunter side there is an enemy to dismount that rides a unique horse called a Crowhoof. This is just a recolour of a normal horse and therefore rideable by anyone.

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