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  • There are a few different currencies as well as gold at InsaneUO
  • To view your currencies use the command [wallet to show everything in your bank. The overview will show the totals for all characters on your account plus the overall totals.
  • Insanity Tokens are rewards for challenging content. They can be obtained from treasure maps, bosses, events and sometimes login gifts. They are used at the Insanity Token Vendor.
  • CUB Points are Clean Up Britannia points, obtained by trashing items in special chests near most town banks. The NPCs next to these chests offer rewards and also allow you to withdraw your CUB points to trade with others.
  • Kudos/Sovereigns are used in the UOStore for deco and vanity items. These can be withdrawn for trading via the blue gem next to the total. They are earned through being logged in at a rate of 1 per 30 minutes you’re logged on (for a maximum of 48 every 24 hours).
  • Putrid Hearts can be obtained from Despise and exchanged for rewards.
Convert sovereigns into scrolls you can use on another account or trade with other players
Withdraw CUB points to transfer between your own characters or sell to other players
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