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Invasions are mini-events that sometimes run on the server. To see which ones are active and when they are due to run, type [invasions in-game. When there is one on, they usually run 3 times a day so no matter what your timezone or schedule you should be able to make it to one. They usually run for a few weeks.

Invasions normally consist of waves of different monsters. They will be announced in chat when they start and that normally tells you where to go for them. Once you arrive in the invasion area a leaderboard window will pop up. You don’t need to keep this open to participate but it will show how many “points” you’ve earned (relevant only to see how much you’ve done in comparison to other participants), how many monsters there are on a wave and how many have been killed.

Invasions progress in waves of monsters and may require you to run around the area to find them. As an example, the first two waves may require everyone to kill a total of 25 weak/medium strength monsters each round to progress to the next one. The third wave may only require 10 monsters but they may be tougher. The final round will usually be a boss.

Invasions will often give insanity tokens, general random loot on the boss and sometimes have a chance at an exclusive item drop, such as a themed weapon or a pet dye.

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