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Runs: December and January

Welcome to the Insane UO’s grand celebration of the season – the Wintertide Festival! Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of holiday wonders and embark on two thrilling activities that will fill your heart with festive joy…or fear! A very special thanks to Mr Riots for this wonderful event!

The Christmas Village

The Christmas Village can be found west of the Community Rune Libary [crl just south of Luna.

Use the snowy gate to get to Santa’s broken sleigh or talk to Mr. Riot to pick up a quest.

You can also do your holiday shopping with your Wintertide Coins at the Wintertide Vendor or grab a tree in the Christmas tree yard!

Slay Quests with Mr. Riot the Huntsman

Make your way to the Christmas Village located south of Luna, and meet Mr. Riot the Huntsman. He has intriguing quests for you – slay two types of special creatures wandering all around Dagger Isle near Deceit, including Rabid Reindeer, Stocking Serpents, Jack-in-the-Boxes, Headless Elves, Abominable Snowmen, Twisted Holiday Trees, and Garish Gingermen.

Successfully completing these quests rewards you with Wintertide Coins, a valuable currency that can be spent at the nearby Wintertide Vendor. Explore a treasure trove of Christmas deco items that will add a touch of magic to your home or special Wintertide Tinctures that can dye your items one of 11 special hues!

Slay the Sleigh Activity

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure just east of the Ice East champion spawn, where Santa’s sleigh has met an unexpected mishap! Venture into the wintry landscape and collect sleigh parts by taking on the mischievous Wintertide Spirits. Beware, these spirited beings reflect any damage unless you arm yourself with the magical Snowballs, each delivering a formidable 150 points of damage. These spirits can also drop christmas cards with player names on them.

Assemble 100 sleigh parts to “repair” the sleigh, and summon the formidable Wintertide King! Gear up, for defeating him might yield rare treasures such as the Winterking Cane, Winterking Boots, Holiday Pillows, Christmas Carol (spellbook), and much more.

Don’t forget to bask in the festive spirit with the delightful deco items dropped by the Winterking and the mischievous Wintertide Spirits. Snowballs can be picked up off the ground or collected from Frosty the Snowball Supplier (up to 10 at a time). A gate to his chilling event can be found at the Christmas Village.


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