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Transmog System

Are you bored of looking like everyone else? Want to look like a noble instead of a peasant? Then treat yourself to a transmog potion! Unlike the normal potions from OSI, these work on all items of clothing except weapons. Boots, helmets, shields, sashes, they can all be changed to fit your exact style.

Potions can be purchased for sovereigns from the UOStore or may sometimes be given out as gifts or rewards during events.

  • Be careful when using these potions as they will destroy an item; if you choose the wrong one you could lose that precious artifact!
  • To use it simply double click the potion and the screen shown to the left will appear.
  • If you choose to keep the source hue, the item will remain the same colour as the item you wish to keep the stats from. If you choose no it will be the hue of the destination item
  • Set Source Object: This is the item with the STATS you wish to keep. If you’re changing an artifact to look like a normal chest piece, this is the artifact
  • Set Destination Object: This is the item with the APPEARANCE you wish to keep.
  • When you’re chosen the source and destination objects, click the green button. A confirmation screen will come up. Press to continue only if you’re completely sure you’ve chosen the items the correct way round!
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