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Taming Quality of Life Changes

Pet Leashes

Pets can be leashed and stored in your backpack. But don’t think you’re going to run around with a full stable in your pack! Leashed (shrunken) pets weigh quite a bit and get feisty when shoved in your bag with too many other pets, so they’ll limit the capacity of gold you can pick up at spawns or loot you can hold!

Shrunken pets can be lored by anyone, even if you have no animal lore skill, by single clicking them and choosing “Lore & Knowledge”. This can be done no matter where they are; in your backpack, locked down in your house or even on a vendor so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Pet Resurrection Stone

Sometimes it’s difficult to cheat death both for yourself and your pets. Also, not everyone is a grandmaster veterinarian! Therefore, we’ve set up a Pet Resurrection Tombstone at the Luna stables so the Luna vet can get you back in the fight quickly. There’s even a Corpse Summoner nearby if you happened to suffer the same fate as your pet!

Pet Bonding

No one wants to lose a freshly tamed pet, so Insane UO offers Pet Bonding potions which will instantly bond your new pet on the Pet Supplies Stone at the Luna stables. For those who don’t mind waiting, you can use the [bondinfo command to check on the status of your pet’s bonding.

Improved Stable Gump

The stable gump has been changed to be more user friendly:

  • You can see all your pets as a picture, their name, their type and whether they’re bonded or not.
  • Pressing the button next to their picture will bring up the animal lore window so you can see all their stats without unstabling them.
  • To claim a pet simply click the picture of it.

Pet Rarity

Some pets can have a rarity. For Cus, this is used to indicate how rare the colour is. For other pets a higher rarity might indicate they have less starting abilities, start at a lower slot or have a special ability. Check out the individual pet pages for more information.
The rarities are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Custom Pets

InsaneUO has a variety of custom pets. Some are reskins or reworks of an existing pet such as the phoenix, others are completely new like the kodiak bear.
Some of these are found as a normal spawn wandering the world. Others may require more effort and even a group to get them to appear. You can read about each pet and how to acquire one on their individual pages.


  • Pets that have a chance to have the healing skill have an increased chance to have it, increasing if the pet is a higher rarity.
  • Improved Chivalry – pets trained in Chivalry will no longer cast Dispel Evil. No more chasing monsters halfway across Sosaria!
  • No restrictions – Males can tame and ride unicorns, females can tame and ride ki-rins, humans can tame and ride cu sidhes.
  • Improved Spellweaving AI – pets will appropriately use Attunement and Word of Death. They will also use Gift of Renewal as a potential curing spell.

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