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Champ Spawn: Ramrod

Ramrod is a custom spawn for IUO, based on the official “Horrors of the Dark” spawn on OSI. It is located in the lands of Tokuno. To reach the alter take the moongate to Homare-Jima then head west towards the open, brown area. Unlike standard champ spawns, Ramrod does not drop power scrolls but is instead farmed mainly for “The Book of Death” which has a whopping 60% SDI!

  • Wave 1: Info coming soon
  • Wave 2: Info coming soon
  • Wave 3: Fan Dancers
  • Wave 4: Evil Spellbooks
  • Champion: Ramrod


Book has been updated and now has 60% SDI
  • Mark of the Destroyer
  • Lt Guard Sash
  • Evil Idol Skull
  • Lava Tile
  • Pick a Scroll deed
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