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Insane Scroll Archive

Greetings, fellow seekers of arcane wisdom! Prepare to embark on an unparalleled journey through the realms of magic and mastery with the groundbreaking creation of Seymour the Insane Scribe – the Insane Scroll Archive!

The insane scroll archive is a huge quality of life upgrade centred around power scrolls, stat scrolls, mastery primers, scrolls of alacrity and scrolls of transcendence. Instead of having multiple binders around your house for all these you can now store them and even combine them in one handy place!

Obtaining an Insane Scroll Archive

For those so inclined, any grandmaster scribe is capable of crafting these wonderous books. In order to craft one of these you will need one of each book to store scrolls (Power Scroll Book, Scrolls of Alacrity Book and Scrolls of Transcendence Book) available from the Insane Asylum vendors at [rl plus 75 scroll binders. You will also want a talisman to protect against crafting failure as these are not easy items to create, nor are the ingredients cheap.


Some precautions that should be taken when crafting the Insane Scroll Archive:

  • Do NOT have ANY scroll book that has scrolls in it in your pack when crafting!! Use EMPTY scroll books to craft the Archive!
    • You could either empty out your old books (long and tedious, don’t do this!) or just buy an empty one of each!
  • Make sure there are not scroll books inside of any other containers within your backpack when crafting! If you have empty ones and filled ones in your pack, you don’t know which one the crafting gump may randomly select! Don’t just hope you’re lucky, ONLY have empty ones in your pack when crafting!
  • You CAN fail and there is a chance that ALL your ingredients may be lost, therefore using a Crafting Failure Protection talisman is highly recommended!!
  • Just in case you missed it in the first two bullet points, make sure you only have EMPTY scroll books in your pack, otherwise, you may have a very bad day!

For those who don’t want to craft you can usually find a craftsman willing to sell one of these fantastic books… for a price!

Using an Insane Scroll Archive

View details about the contents of your Insane Scroll Archive.

This book can ONLY be used in a safe logout location (same as the UO Store) and must be in your backpack!

Usage includes viewing the gump, binding scrolls, collecting scrolls/primers, and extracting scrolls/primers.

Bind up your Power Scrolls with a single click!

You must have scroll binders available in the book which can be added just like any other scroll! They will be consumed after binding.

Bind-Up button only appears if you have enough of the lesser scroll and only 1 is created at a time, so if you have enough to bind up 2 scrolls, you’ll need to click the button twice!

No one wants to drag scrolls/primers one-by-one into the book so we’ve added a helpful COLLECT feature! Clicking this option will locate ALL scrolls/primers/scroll binders that are in your back and add them to the book with a single click! Not only that, but if you have an existing Power Scroll book, Scroll of Alacrity book, or Scroll of Transcendence book that contains scrolls, you do not need to remove them! Simply put the old book in your pack and click COLLECT! All of the scrolls will be removed from the old books and moved into your nice new Insane Scroll Archive! It couldn’t be any easier!

Extracting scrolls/primers is as simple as clicking the down arrow for that particular scroll/primer. For Scrolls of Transcendence, you’ll be prompted with an additional gump allowing you to specify how many tenths of a point you wish to extract. SoT are still limited to 5.0 points (50 tenths) total.

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