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There are some important locations everyone should know about on the shard, though this is not an exhaustive list. Explore the world to see what fantastic player establishments you can find!


Insane Asylum – these can be accessed by taking the moongate to Luna, going east to the outer path then turning north. It can also quickly be accessed by entering the command [rl. This building is the original rune library although it’s not used as such anymore. The main purpose of this building is for the vendor stones on the front steps. Inside there are crystal portals, a repair bench and a lockpicking training box that are all set to be useable by everyone. There is also a house teleporter to take you directly to the community rune library.

The vendor stones here are split into different categories, including the Insanity Token Vendor, Ethereal Mounts, the New Player Vendor, the Rotating Vendor (which changes stock at intervals), the Sovereign Vendor, Transmog Vendor and Scroll Exchange.

Pet Vendor Stone – Located to the north of the Luna moongate, there are two stones of interest to tamers. One allows you to buy pet leashes so you can shrink your tames, allowing for ease of transport and switching pets to match your enemies. The other will allow any tamer to resurrect their pet without needing veterinary.

Corpse Summoner – Next to the Pet Vendor is a Corpse Summoner. If you die and can’t get to your body, he can recall it to you for a fee. You can then access the body to get your items back. Beware, this is still subject to the normal decay timer.

Monthly Dye Tubs – If you head into the centre of Luna, just south of the bank are public dye tubs of all kinds to use. At the west end of these are the monthly dye tubs which will change to different specific hues each month. These special tubs can dye almost any item and are not limited to only cloth, leather or metal.

Community Rune Library

The community rune library is run by Dennis the Librarian. It can easily be accessed by everyone via the command [crl or by heading out of the south gates of Luna and looking on the east side of the road. The rune library hosts an extensive set of runic atlases organised into various categories such as dungeons, monsters by A-Z, tameables, particular shop types and more.

There are also vendors here, and a collection of books on display along with some other artifacts and items from past holiday events. There is also a repair bench useable by everyone, a house teleporter to the Luna Vendors and a house teleporter to the community vendor house. Chests are kept stocked with free items for new players to get them kitted out.

Community Vendor House

Another house run by Dennis the Librarian, there are vendor spots available at this house located outside the Luna walls to the south west. The vendors are available rent free and are a good place to start if you wish to set up a vendor before you have your own house. For newer players to the server it’s a good idea to stop by here to see what bargains you can pick up.

Nooblet Museum

To the southwest, outside the Luna walls, is the Nooblet Museum. This impressive collection is curated by the Nooblet guild and showcases most, if not all, of the artifacts, rares and custom items available from bosses, quests and events on the server. They also run raffles regularly which normally require your entry to be dropped into the mailbox at the front. Come along, plan the items you want and leave a message on the board.


Luna moongates – to the east of the bank is a row of moongates that go to New Haven bank roof, Britain bank, Moonglow Zoo, Heartwood and the Haochi’s Treasures turn in at Zento.

New Haven moongates – on the bank roof are a row of moongates including a regular moongate, one to Britain bank, one to the Insane Asylum, one to the New Player Dungeon (New Haven Mines) and one to Luna bank.

Trammel Britain Bank moongates – in front of the bank is a regular moongate, one to the New Haven bank roof and one to the Felucca Britain bank.

Felucca Britain Bank – Here you can access a spellweaving arcane circle. It is set up so that you will always get a max level arcane focus even if you’re the only person casting it.

The Holy City in the south of Ter Mur can now be travelled to directly at any moongate

It is now possible to recall, gate and mark at the sea market.

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