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An Overview of Crafting

Thanks to tomj for writing up this high-level overview of crafting on the Discord server.

There are roughly 4 levels of crafting:

  • Basic imbuing
  • Higher level imbuing (Using rare imbuing ingredients)
  • Enhancing (Useful to add some properties or boost resist)
  • Reforging

Basic Imbuing

This will cover most people needs. There are roughly 60 properties you can imbue (so not all existing properties can be imbued) . Which property you can imbue varies per item. If you don’t see it in the imbuing menu, you probably can’t imbue it. It is worth checking possibilities on the Knucklehead calculator.

  • You need gems + either Magic Residue or Enchanted Essence or Relic Fragment (obtained from unravelling magical loot)
  • You can imbue max 5 properties. If a magic item already has 1 property, it means you can imbue 4 only
  • As well as number of properties, imbuing is limited by total properties “weight” based on property intensity. An exceptional Armor piece can go up to max 500, non-exceptional 450. It seems on IUO an exceptional weapon can go up to 600. Jewelry will default to 500.
  • in order to estimate the intensity your imbuing will go, use the Knucklehead calculator. It’s not 100% accurate but gives a very good base.
  • Try to imbue high weight/intensity property first, particularly the ones using Relic Fragment. It will make the last property easier and waste less of the rarer materials.
  • Failure will consume gems and the imbuing ingredients used (Magical Residue/Enchanted Essence/Relic Fragments).

Higher Level Imbuing

This requires special ingredients. Some are “harder” to get like Vial of Vitriol, some are easy like Bouras pelts. This allow you to boost by few percent or points the property you are imbuing. Whether 6% more of Hit Energy Area is worth the time to get 10 Raptor Teeth is entirely a matter of choice an d priority. Just keep in mind, the higher the value, the higher the intensity cost and the lower the chance of success. The good news is special ingredients are not lost on failure.


This is the action of applying a coloured material onto a base material. It can only be done if you used a base material, so you needd to start with regular leather to be able to enhance with horned, spined or barbed leather. You need to start with iron ingots to enhance with coloured ingots.

  • Enhancing adds the coloured material properties to your item you would get if you’d made the item from that material to start with. As such, it has to be done AFTER imbuing or it will take up properties and intensity meaning you can’t imbue as much onto the item.
  • Don’t try to enhance without using a Forged Metal of Artifacts that you can find on UO Store in the Miscellaneous section. It guarantees 100% success, which otherwise are close to 100% chance of failure with a fully imbued item. Failure will break the item, losing all your imbuing work and ingredients. With all that, enhancing allows you to go above the 5 properties limit or 500/600 weight limit but again, only if you do it after imbuing.


This is the ultimate crafting. It allows you to go above normal intensity for some properties. This is too deep a subject to go into here but there are 2 useful (similar) links: https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/skills/imbuing/runic-reforging/ and https://www.uoguide.com/Runic_Re-Forging.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Reforging comes first in the whole crafting process
  • You need the runic tool associated to the material you are working on (runic sewing kit for tailor, runic hammer for metal etc)
  • Properties and intensity generated by the process are random, which means it will take a lot of attempts, materials and runics to achieve what you want

Final Considerations

  • It’s possible to have a full resist armor without enhancing. It just requires more sets to mix and match, use colored material and at least 1 property slot on each item to boost missing points. It will also require special material (Bouras pelts) to reach the max. This will give the max resist points each piece can get.
  • If you find that too complex you can try to use an Anvil of Artifacts (UO Store / Miscellaneous). It helps to set resists.
  • If you are GM Arms Lore, a crafted weapon will come with a 40% Damage Increase. Sometimes you might want to remove it entirely or just temporarily to imbue a higher intensity property first. You can remove it using a Whetstone of Enervation. It cannot be used once you have started imbuing.
  • If you found a jewelry magic item with + skill but are not happy with the skill, you can replace it with a skill from the same group. For instance “focus” could be replaced by “Animal Lore or Discordance”. This is only possible with items not at max weight. Good with Major Magic items for instance.
  • Being a Gargoyle gives you a little boost to imbuing. Using the Termur Soulforge gives you a little boost. Using the Gargoyle Queen’s Soulforge when your reputation is high with her gives a bigger boost. All in all an estimated 3-6% boost to your chance of succeeding.

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