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Young Player Armour

In order to get started quickly on your journey, all new characters start out with two sets of armour. One set is for a mage, one is for a warrior and each consists of 5 pieces. These items are more effective while you have young player status. Once you lose young player status the armour will retain the additional bonuses but the resists will be less effective, encouraging players to build their own, better suit. The suits will appear in gift boxes. One will be in your backpack and the other will be in your bank. You can then customise them with any helmets, rings and bracelets you find as you set out on your new adventure.

Mage Armour

Total bonuses:

  • Mana Increase 10
  • Mana Regeneration 5
  • Lower Mana Cost 25%
  • Lower Reagent Cost 75%
  • All resists 50 (25 if not young)

Warrior Armour

Total bonuses:

  • Hit Point Increase 10
  • Stamina Increase 20
  • Mana Increase 20
  • Hit Point Regeneration 5
  • All resists 50 (25 if not young)
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