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Poisoning has always been a bit lackluster in PvM, so this first iteration of improvements is designed to make it a more viable option in templates. The first of the changes is adding an AoE poison to poison strikes if you have Poisoning as follows:

  • The same creatures that are affected by the Poison Strike are the ones who can be potentially poisoned.
  • The chance for an AoE poison scales by Poisoning skill, 5% per 20 skill points (with scaling for in-between)
Poisoning SkillPoison LevelChance to Poison

The second major change is that having Poisoning as well as Taste Identification now provides poison IMMUNITY!

  • Both skills must be at the levels listed below to have the immunity effect.
  • The immunity is a TRUE immunity (you never even get poisoned) versus the Vampiric Embrace-style “immunity” where you get poisoned, but then it disappears the first time it attempts to tick.
  • This change ONLY affects players, not pets (since they couldn’t have Taste ID anyways)
Poisoning & Taste ID Minimum SkillImmunity Level
40.0Lesser Poison
60.0Regular Poison
80.0Greater Poison
100.0Deadly Poison

Poisoning is also used in Serpent Arrow. Serpent Arrow calculations have been “fixed” but also overhauled as follows:

  • Calculation: Poison Level = ( (Poisoning Skill * 2 + Archery Skill + Dexterity – DistancePenalty) / 100 )
  • Distance Penalty: Each tile beyond 3 tiles is a 10.0 point penalty
  • Example: 120 Poison, 120 Archery, 150 Dex, and 10 tiles away yields Level = ( 120 * 2 + 120 + 150 – (10-3)*10 ) = 440 / 100 = 4 (rounded down) = Deadly Poison
  • This now means ALL levels of poison are possible!
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