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Lumberjacking is considered a free skill on InsaneUO, which means it doesn’t count towards your 720 skill cap. As any character can raise it, it no longer gives a bonus to using axes which also encourages usage of other weapons.

As there is no risk from PvP in Felucca you will gain double resources every time you lumberjack no matter where you are gathering. This is on all facets: Trammel, Felucca, Malas, Ilshenar, Tokuno and Ter Mur. As well as the double resources you also have a chance for the bonus imbuing ingredient, crystal shards, in all facets.

Lumberjacking can be raised to 120 if you get a powerscroll from the “Pick A Scroll” on the Insanity Token vendor. Greater than 100 skill gives an increased chance for all bonus resources when lumberjacking.

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