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Jade Crafting

From the rewards of the Treasures of the Feudal Lands events, where the allure of jade has been unveiled in its purest form, blossoms a new talent. The Insane UO shard proudly presents a groundbreaking crafting experience with the introduction of the Jade Crafting System. As the mystical green gem becomes a focal point in the realm, crafters and adventurers alike will discover a wealth of possibilities awaiting them.

In the wake of the Treasures of the Feudal Lands event, the once-hidden art of jade craftsmanship emerges, offering a plethora of exquisite items to be forged. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of jade as you craft elegant vases, intricately designed containers, and awe-inspiring sculptures that showcase the true beauty of this precious gem.

Learn Jade Crafting by purchasing the “Carving Fine Craftables with Jade” book from the Jade Carver in Zento (between the Carpenter and Blacksmith shops north of the plaza). Use the new Jade Carving Tools that can be purchased from the Jade Carver to begin your creations!

Jade drops as part of the ‘bonus resource’ pool when mining, so once you reach 100 skill you will have a chance of mining up either a large or small piece of jade. If you have higher than 100 skill your chance of bonus resources increases so you’ll gather jade faster! You will gather jade no matter whether your tool is set to “Ore”, “Ore & Stone” or “Ore & Gems”.

65.0 Carpentry is required as a minimum to make all the deco items available to a jade crafter.

  • “Decorations” has 6 vases and 2 sculptures to make
  • “Statues” has 4 statues to make
  • “Furniture” has 2 metal chests to make
  • “Skulls” has 8 decorative skulls to make

“JadeDragonBody” and “JadeDragon” require further crafting skills in the form of 75.0 minimum skill in Carpentry, Inscription, Tinkering, Fletching, Tailoring and Blacksmithing. This will allow you to create the final, and most sought after item, the Jade Dragon tamer pet! The pet consists of many components to create the JadeDragonBody which can then be used to make a light or dark JadeDragon. This is no easy pet to make. There is a high chance of failure so make sure you equip a Master Crafting Talisman to protect against failure and material loss! The reward is a very powerful, mountable and poison immune pet.

Total Required Ingredients for a Jade Dragon:

  • 334 small jade
  • 1 summon creature scroll (1 x blank scroll, 1 x blood moss, 1 x spider’s silk, 1 x mandrake root)
  • 1 summon familiar scroll (1 x blank scroll, 1 x bat wing, 1 x demon blood, 1 x grave dust)
  • 1 enchant scroll (1 x blank scroll, 1 x mandrake root, 1 x spider’s silk, 1 x sulfurous ash)
  • 1 elixir of rebirth (1 x Medusa Blood, 1 x empty bottle, 7 x spider’s silk)
  • 1 perfect emerald (light version) or 1 crystalline blackrock (dark version)

At 120 Alchemy you will have 100% success rate on the elixir of rebirth, and the scrolls are easy to make with high enough inscription plus just use regular reagents. However every single jade item has a success rate of around 81% at 120 carpentry. There are 125 total components. That is a lot of chances at failing. For my first one I used up around 2.5 master crafter talismans (that’s roughly 25 failure protections). Be prepared to either stock up on these via bods (or purchasing from player vendors) or allow for extra jade if you’re willing to just lose materials. Whatever you do though, use a master crafter talisman when making the final two items (jade dragon body and the jade dragon itself) or you could lose everything.

Obtaining jade: You only need to be set to mine ore. Jade counts with the gems as a bonus resource (perfect emerald, blue diamond etc). There is nothing that influences the drop rate of these except skill level so if you can use a 125 skill (120 with the +5 mining gloves) this is your best chance to gather jade. It is pure RNG so you may gather 3 small jade one hour, then gather 14 the next. I’ve tested elf vs human and the racials make no difference to this. I’ve tested rock hammer vs pickaxe; rock hammer seemed slower. This may average out though and I suspect would be similar drop rates per tool use. It averages out to around 9-10 per hour for me. This means roughly 33+ hours of mining to gather enough small jade for one dragon.

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