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Bowcraft and Fletching

Skill Cap

Bowcraft and Fletching has a skill cap of 120 on InsaneUO. The power scrolls can be earned via turning in Fletching BoDs or through the “Pick A Scroll” deed available on the Insane Vendor in Luna.


The Heartwood recipes have had an update to make the magic and rare crafted bows more desirable. InsaneUO also offers a second way to get these! You can continue to complete the Heartwood quests for a low chance of getting the recipe you want, or you can purchase “The Fletcher Book of Knowledge”. The recipes have not changed the materials required but you now get an improved end product.

The Fletcher Book of Knowledge

The idea behind this system is to allow a skilled crafter to grow their knowledge by discovering recipes after mastering the previous one. Once purchased from the BOD system for 5000 points, double click the book to open it and see the requirements. Note: The book will bind to the first character to open it. Do not open it with any character other than the intended fletcher. The crafter will complete tasks to craft specific items then submit them for a chance to learn the next recipe in the book. A skilled Fletcher can increase their chances of learning a recipe by having the following:

  • Fletching Achievements (can be checked via [myachievements command)
    • Novice Fletcher (craft 100 items) = 8% base chance
    • Adept Fletcher (craft 1,000 items) = 40% base chance
    • Legendary Fletcher (craft 10,000 items) = 80% base chance
  • Dexterity (needed to learn the fine details of craftsmanship)
    • For every 10 dex above 100, you receive a 1% bonus (so at 150, you’d have a 5% bonus)
  • Fletching Skill / Imbuing Skill
    • For normal recipes, only Fletching skill matters and gives 0% at 100, 10% at 120
    • For rare recipes, Fletching skill gives 0% at 100, 5% at 120 and Imbuing skill gives 0% at 100 and 5% at 120.
  • Crafting exceptional items for the recipes will provide a 5-10% bonus

As an example, a character with the Adept Fletcher achievement, 150 dex, 120 Fletching and 120 Imbuing will have a 55% chance of learning all the recipes. A character with the Novice Fletcher with 100 dex, 100 Fletching and 100 Imbuing will have only an 8% chance of learning the recipe. A character with the Legendary Fletcher achievement, 150 dex, 120 Fletching and 120 Imbuing will have 95% chance of learning the recipes.

The book gives you the instructions on how it works, as well as naming who the book belongs to. You can change pages on the bottom left to view all recipes. Recipes must be learned in order and the required items must be in your backpack.
Each page shows the final item under “Properties” and what is required to unlock it under the “Objectives” heading. The green gem at the bottom of a page indicates that is the current recipe you’re attempting to learn, red shows you can’t attempt that yet. Craft the required items and press the green gem to attempt to learn the recipe. You will get text above your character saying if you were successful or not. If you fail you will receive a small amount of your materials back.
Once a recipe has been learnt the page will have a red bookmark against it.
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