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Vendor Search

The Vendor Search can be accessed from any safe spot; this means a house you are an owner or co-owner of or an inn. Simply left click yourself once and choose “Vendor Search” to look for an item you’re interested in.

Items can be purchased directly from the search window at a 10% convenience fee to the buyer by pressing the $ button next to it. If you see an item you want for 10,000 gold and decide to buy it instantly, you will be charged 11,000. This is convenience for the buyer only; the seller will not receive the extra fees nor be charged any extra.

For those who wish to save some money you can also teleport directly to the vendor by pressing the ! button. These buyers will pay the listed price only.

To aid tamers in finding a new pet you can also search for shrunken pets and view their stats. Simply search for “Leashed” to view all pets, or the type of pet you want such as “Nightmare”. Once the results appear you can click the picture of the pet to view the “Lore & Knowledge” page. This will display even if you don’t have any skill in Animal Lore!

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