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Taste ID

Taste ID is a free skill meaning it won’t count towards your skill cap as many players consider it useless. However on InsaneUO it now has a use! When paired with Poisoning, a character with TasteID can now gain poison immunity. The table below shows the level of immunity that can be gained.

Poisoning & Taste ID Minimum SkillImmunity Level
40.0Lesser Poison
60.0Regular Poison
80.0Greater Poison
100.0Deadly Poison
120.0Lethal Poison
  • Both skills must be at the levels listed above to have the immunity effect.
  • The immunity is a TRUE immunity (you never even get poisoned) versus the Vampiric Embrace-style “immunity” where you get poisoned, but then it disappears the first time it attempts to tick.
  • This change ONLY affects players, not pets (since they couldn’t have Taste ID anyways)
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