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Doom Recipes – Armour and Jewelry

Some of the less useful Doom artifacts can now be upgraded.

You must acquire the recipe to be able to turn the original artifact that drops in the Doom Gauntlet into the newly upgraded artifact. Each boss in the Doom Gauntlet has a 5% chance to drop a recipe to one of the damagers. An appropriate crafter will need to learn the recipe and then you’ll be able to craft the new artifact with the required ingredients (which includes the original artifact).

All of the base artifacts for these upgrades have also been moved back to the “Good” list of Doom drops so that you’ll have a better chance of acquiring them now that they’re all viable again.

Below is the list of original and craft-able upgrades for each of the armor/jewelry items that are part of this update. We also tweaked Dr. Spector’s Lenses to make them a more viable alternative to Scholar’s Halo by increasing the SDI from 12% to 15%.

Armor of Prosperity

Bracelet of Vital Consumption

Mask of the Crazed Mage

Helm of Intuition

Paladin’s Pauldron

Antlers of the Forest Lord

Feudal Collar

Insane Mage’s Shackle

Skull of the Harrower

Ring of the Villainous

Ninja Harem Leggings

Mask of the Barbarian

Tunic of the Inferno

Voice of the Risen King

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