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The repair bench is available as a veteran reward to place in your own home. There are also public repair benches available at the rune library in Luna and the community rune library south of Luna.

The benches can be stocked with repair deeds. Simply click “Add Charges” and target your backpack or the container with the deeds in. You may need to target one deed first if the bench is empty to register the level of the deed before you can add them in bulk.

If you’re not a crafter or don’t have the time to stock the bench you can also repair all your equipped items for gold. The cost is 50 gold per durability and you will get a discount based on your Honesty virtue: 5% for Seeker, 10% for Follower and 20% for Knight.

You won’t lose maximum durability when repairing with gold so your gear will last forever provided you keep on top of repairs. If repairing with deeds there is still a chance to lose maximum durability.

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