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Season of the Witch

Runs: October and November

Celebrate Halloween with Season of the Witch, courtesy of Mr Riots. Will you side with the witches or the witch hunters?

Spawn and Bosses

When this event is active there will be moongates north of Luna moongate. One goes to Trammel where you will kill witch hunters, the other goes to Felucca where you kill witches.

Points are earned by killing the spawn. The higher your points the greater your chance at an artifact when you help kill the boss. After a certain amount of spawn has been killed a boss will appear within the area. If you’re killing witch hunters, the boss is the Master of the Hunt. If you’re killing witches the boss is Freya.

Once you’ve killed the boss your points will reset to the base chance (5%) and you will need to kill spawn again to increase it and summon the boss again.

There are many items available from Season of the Witch, including deco from the spawn mobs and artifacts from the bosses. You can even tame two new pets if you’re lucky!


Slayer is random


Bottle of Blood
Witches Cradle
Various Coloured Chests
Witches Bonfire
Witches Incense

As well as the pictured deco, there are special coloured armours and clothes that the mobs are wearing. Treat yourself to a Witch Hunter or Witch outfit!


There are two new pets available from Season of the Witch, one on each side. They spawn during the boss fight and require teamwork and coordination to tame. To succeed you’ll need to dismount their original rider in order to tame them, all while avoiding you or the pet being killed by the spawn, the boss or other players!

The Crowhoof is a black horse that spawns on the witch hunter side. This mount is like a regular horse but coloured to look like a nightmare. Perfect for your characters with a preference for darker colours.

The Ossein Ram differs from the one tameable all year round. First of all, it’s a mount! Second, it starts at 1 slot giving tamers plenty of options to build a solid pet.

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