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Discord Server

Click the link on the top right of this website to join our server. There you will find a friendly community, guides, trade threads and a channel to drop your own suggestions in on how to make the server even more Insane! It’s a very tolerant, open speaking server so feel free to join the fun and get to know your fellow players.

Server Information

Under here you’ll find the server rules, latest patch notes and announcements, and a place to submit your own suggestions or possible bug reports. There is also a link to open a support ticket in case you need the help of an admin or GM.

Player Channels

The majority of discussion will happen here. The general chat and new player channels are located under this headed for all things UO. There’s a photo thread to show off that cool piece of armour you just found or that legendary pet you just tamed and an IRL channel to discuss happenings outside the world of Sosaria. We also have trade channels, guild channels and specific channels such as crafting or taming. If you’re looking for a build template or some scripts to help with your gameplay these are all located here too. You can also hop into the voice channels.


For those who help to support the server (which is not required and will gain you no in-game perks) there is a special section of the discord where you can chat to other supporters and get a sneak peek into upcoming events and changes.

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