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Schedule of Events

On the 1st of each month, a new event will begin and run for 60 days. That means that at all times, there will be at least 2 events running with one going away and a new one starting each month. Certains ones will remain on permanently.

Permanent Events:

  • Treasures of Tokuno (which includes Treasures of Haochi for tier 3 arties)
  • Treasures of Khaldun (this is so the Champ Spawn will remain on)

Rotating Events:

  • Jan/Feb – Tears of the Ice Dragon
  • Feb/Mar – Treasures of Hythloth
  • Mar/Apr – Treasures of Wildfire
  • Apr/May – Treasures of the Sorcerer’s Dungeon
  • May/Jun – Treasures of the Fey Wrath
  • Jun/Jul – Treasures of the Kotl City
  • Jul/Aug – Treasures of the Undead Lords
  • Aug/Sep – Treasures of Doom
  • Sep/Oct – Treasures of the Archlich
  • Oct/Nov – Season of the Witch
  • Nov/Dec – Treasures of the Feudal Lands
  • Dec/Jan – Krampus & Wintertide Festival

The above is not an exhaustive list; plenty of other events will also come up throughout the year, for example Easter or anniversary events.

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